Husebyhallen is the Nidaros Jets home court and is located at the Husebybadet in Saupstad, Heimdal.

The hall is situated next to Heimdal Videregående Skole.

Address: Saupstadringen 13, 7078 Saupstad.

– 600 Seating Capacity
– Toilets
– Kiosk
– Kids play area
– Swimming Pool
– Gym/Weights Room

How to get there via: Public Transport – only 20min, bus number 4 from the city, bus stop Saupstad Ringen, then walk over the bridge through Saupstad Sentret to the hall.

How to get there via: Driving – only 15 min from Trondheim Torg, up the E6, take the Heimdal exit (see map and images below).

husebyhall inngang

husebyhall travel map

husebyhall map